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Mountainboarding is a fusion many sports, particularly skating, surfing and snowboarding.

Mountainboards are also known as 'All-Terrain Boards'. These four wheeled boards will cruise over almost any surface - grass, dirt or pavement. All you need is a slope and gravity does the rest.

Start off on a gentle, grassy slope and progress up to a purpose built dirt track complete with berms and jumps.

Sorry, but Dirtboard Waihi is no longer operating.



... is a mountainboard?

The standard mountainboard has four wheels with air-filled tyres (so you can adjust the tyre pressure). It gives a riding sensation similar to a snowboard or surfboard.

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...can I mountainboard?

You can ride on most relatively smooth surfaces. Our purpose built track caters for all levels of rider.  We have both grassed and dirt surfaces.

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... would I want to?

Only you can answer that one! Have a look at our gallery to see what others have been up to.

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  • Dirtboard Waihi

  • Dirtboard Waihi

  • Dirtboard Waihi

  • Dirtboard Waihi

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