Work 'n' Ride Afternoon
3 Nov 2012


Posted 6 November 2012 by Viv

Dirtboard Work 'n' Ride Day, November 2012

This was the first Work 'n' Ride day for the 2012-2013 Spring/Summer.

Started out looking like it might be all work and no play - began to rain right on 3pm when we got to the track.  Not to worry, we carried on getting a little damp but the sun came out (or at least it stopped raining) and did some riding.

It was surprising just how much we achieved in a relatively short time.  Mostly worked on the boarder-x track, trimming up the top run-in and the main berms.

I think a good time was had by all - thanks to all those who came up for the afternoon. Definitely keen to do these more regularly from now on.  Looking forward to a some excellent riding this Summer. 

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