The standard mountainboard has four wheels with pneumatic tyres (so you can adjust the tyre pressures). It gives a riding sensation similar to a snowboard or surfboard.


How do my feet stay on the board?

Most boards have a simple one-strap binding system to keep your feet in place. The boards are symmetrical from end-to-end, so you can ride with either foot leading. The tricks and riding-styles have developed from skating and snowboarding.

Some boards have a heel-strap, which helps keep you fixed into the bindings similar to a snowboard.

How do I slow down?

Control your speed by turning the board across the fall-line of the slope, like on a snowboard. Brake by doing a 'powerslide' - again similar to stopping a snowboard.  A few of our boards have hand activated brakes as well to help you gain confidence.

Safety Gear